Valves, Airbricks & Pumps

Valves, Airbricks &Pumps

Valves, Airbricks & Pump Kits


Non Return Valves

Flood Guard can source and install a range of underground and above ground non-return valves designed to stops backflow of water and effluent into properties during flooding.



We offer a number of Anti-Flood Airbricks from trusted manufacturers that allow air to pass freely through the brick, but under flood conditions the passage is automatically shut off to prevent water passing through. Our Anti-Flood Airbrick products meet the relevant requirements of the national Building Regulations and home warranty providers.


Pump Kits

Flood Guard provides a range of emergency pumping kits for defending a property during flooding. Our pumps are powered through motors with varying power depending on your likely requirement and can be deployed quickly in case of an emergency.